Does your business need to save every penny it can?

Businesses compete and survive over time by continually optimizing their costs and improving
their business model.

That's what you can do with DLGroup's Direct Mail Services.

At DLGroup we not only
save you thousands on your postage costs, we do your mailing work
for you so you can free up your employees to do what they do best: work for you. And we do all
this at rates 20% to 40% less than similar mail service businesses.

If you need to find smarter ways to drive people to your website, generate new business or just
communicate with current or prospective customers give DLGroup a try.

If you are already doing direct mail and want to find a better way give DLGroup a try -
we can do
it for less

Commitment to service and quality.

At DLGroup, not only have we been doing direct mail for over 10 years, we have developed a
long-term relationship with postal officials and we consistently surpass USPS quality

While many mailers struggle to meet USPS mail entry audits, DLGroup not only meets the 90%
minimum quality standard for items such as barcode readability and presort verification we
consistently achieve
100% audit scores on these key quality measurements!

At DLGroup we also understand that
state-of-the-art capabilities best serve our customers in
today's ever-changing world of technology: DLGroup's mailing software is
regularly updated
and the majority of our mailing automation equipment is the latest and best available!
DLGroup - Direct Mail Services
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